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What makes your brand unique?


When you started the journey to build your brand, you had a clear vision, a consistent story that makes up the past, present, and future of your business. There are thousands of ways to tell a story, but only one way to elaborate it perfectly. During our cooperation, we will make sure your organization's branding tells your story in the most compelling, moving, and motivating manner.



After years of experience in graphic design and branding in a leading studio, I decided to set out on my own. I wanted to express my unique visual language and accompany businesses that aspire to the most ambitious heights.

Good stories are the ones that build our communities, the belief systems that make up our identity. I believe with all my heart that a well-told story is the key to a powerful brand.

My name is Deanna Chen

How do we do it

From an accurate characterization of your brand values, through defining your strategy and goals, to building a smart and accurate visual presence that meets the needs of your business, you will have all my knowledge and skills in the field of branding and graphic design at your disposal. Together, we will create the visual materials that will give your brand a once-in-a-lifetime visibility on all fronts.

What do we do

In my boutique studio, you have at your disposal a variety of premium services that will allow you to tell the story of your brand in an original manner, tailored for all your marketing platforms.


כרטיס ביקור .jpg


A smart logo is the beating heart of your organization's brand. This is the key element that distinguishes you from the competition and allows you to remain in the consumer's mind. The path to the perfect logo is not always easy. To adapt the visual language to your target audience and vision, we will have to roll up our sleeves and work together. Together we will build a common language, get to know your organization's story in depth and design a logo that expresses all of this perfectly.





Effective branding is much more than a collection of graphic elements. It is a consistent language that embodies your organization's vision, its ups and downs, its past successes, and its future goals. In a fascinating and shared process, we will write the story of your business and build the visual language that will embody it in a way that will excite and motivate your audiences to action. But most of all, we will build a comprehensive branding that will make your organization unforgettable.

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Build your own digital platform with an experienced designer. For years, I have built unique, beautifully designed websites for businesses of all industries. With careful attention to details and tailored user experience, you will have a unique digital presence for your brand. The easy-to-use interface on Wix platform will allow you to smoothly update your content and manage your site in a breeze.


This is your brand's

time to shine

You put so much thought and effort into building your organization. Now, it's time to reap the rewards and put your image to the test. Want to start building a brand that tells your story? Leave your details here and I will get back to you as soon as possible with an affordable offer.

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